Two amazing sites for kids videos that I have been using with my children and my students recently. has a large (and growing) selection of videos aimed for Kindergarten and early primary age kids. TotLol’s broad mix ranges from Lisa Loeb singing children’s songs to a splendidly surreal animated version of a Shel Silversein poem.

Put simply, TotLol is a parent-moderated version of Youtube which you can leave your kindergartner alone with and be confident in the knowledge that they will not stumble across any adult content. (and K-3 site is a very different tool altogether. It is a glossy and polished site providing educational videos on a broad range of subjects from Roald Dahl to September 11th. It has an enormous selection of topics but requires a subscription for permanent services. You can, however, sign up for a five-day trial and see what your kids think of it.

This is a wonderful site and the videos are obviously constructed by educators who are passionate about their work. Sometimes it can be difficult finding videos on Youtube that are of a high quality and relevance to primary age kids – Brainpop fills that void nicely and I will certainly be begging my school board for a subscription!