My series of English books; English 911! are finally in bookstores. English 911! is aimed at high school and senior high students in Indonesia and is a combined textbook and workbook to help them with their English language learning.

The main difference between this book and most others on the market here is the content of the reading and writing comprehension. I have tried to make the English reflect the nature of the English language in that it is a living, breathing, constantly adapting tool for communication. Rather than use stuffy comprehension passages for reading I have used the language in a modern setting. Chapters include text messaging, web pages, blogs, TV schedules, comics, and podcasts. Each chapter has a language or grammar focus and each book also come packaged with an audio CD.

English 911! is available from Gramedia bookstores all over Indonesia, published by ElexMedia Komputindo. During the first week, sales have been pretty good, but I hope to do some more promotion during the coming weeks!

Gerald Donovan

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