Last weekend (19th and 20th of October) I had the honor of presenting a workshop on Instructional Rounds at the ANPS Leadership Conference in Bali. For those of you uninitiated to Instructional Rounds, a rundown can be found here and here.

Put simply, rounds is an intersection between Walkthroughs, Professional Learning Networks, and School Improvement Plans and, when it is done right, is the most powerful tool for professional development that I have ever seen.

A one hour session was never going to be enough time to truly prepare school leaders to launch rounds at their schools, but judging by the response, it was at least enough time to whet their appetites. Hopefully, more schools will start experimenting with this highly valuable form of PD and with any luck we will be able to form a network of schools in the JaBoTaBek region to start visiting and learning from each other’s schools.

A few people have asked me to upload the Prezi I used for the workshop and make it available online, but unfortunately, Prezi is (as it sometimes does) acting up and cannot upload. If anyone would like me to send a copy, feel free to email me and I’ll send you the original file via email.